Refreshing Your Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs deserve special care and attention.

We encourage you to bring your carpets in for cleaning annually if they’re in a heavily trafficked area in your home. If they’re in a formal sitting room or area that doesn’t see much foot traffic, then every 5 years is okay too!

Many times we see our customers annually when they have pets or new babies, because life happens!

We take cleaning your carpets seriously.

Most other companies simply shampoo their rugs, cleaning only the surface and missing most of the dirt that's rooted deep inside. At Pars, we focus on the entire rug, not just the surface. We remove that deep-down grit and dirt that you don’t know is there; using a special mixture of water and detergent that's specifically designed for washing fine wool and handmade rugs.

We hand wash each rug in a pool of shallow water and brush the rug with a soft-bristled brush, giving extra attention to rugs with stains. We then extract the water from the clean rug and hang them to air dry.

Our rug cleaning process is unique, and conducted with quality care and attention in mind.

We include free pickup and delivery service! Contact us for more information.